“Inspiration” – Lens-Artists-Challenge #115

TRAVEL. VACATION. WANDER. These words bring joy to the heart if only we are not facing this pandemic. And that although we have been longing to have finally a contagion-free travel wandering the streets of New York (for example), or discover old medieval towns of Europe, or be sun-kissed in a tropical island while sipping Peña Colada, etc.- it is still not 100% possible to date without being hassled with wearing masks, social distancing, and worse getting the virus itself.

So in the meantime, looking at old travel photos like below, will do. It somehow creates that promise that one day, all these chaos will be over and that we will be able to at last, travel free: to meet family and lovedones located at the other side of the world or just simply be lost in the marvels of places you have not yet conquered.

a remnant of an old church in Sestri Levante, taken in 2018 during my vacation there.
Nothing is more wonderful than a breakfast delivered in your hotel room. Being served – is one of the true essence of vacation. I just love it all the time. I took this photo in our hotel room balcony in Sestri Levante, Italy. It is worth mentioning that the hotel used to be a palace.
People from all over the world travel to Munich to attend the Octoberfest but due to the pandemic, this is cancelled for this year. For sure, we all are looking forward to the next possible Octoberfest. Let this photo taken in 2018 be an inspiration to the next possible OctFest, hopefully next year already!
at the Louvre in Paris. Discovering museums of arts fascninates always a traveller. Someday, discovering museums and art will continue freely.

Lastly, I would like to end this post by higlighting the photo below. In the end, we will be triumphant against this pandemic and we can freely roam the streets shouting any cause we have to fight for.

I took this during the CSD Parade 2019. I have another post about this on the kind of courage that glitters.


Very lastly, thanks to Tina for posting this week’s challenge. Check her post on this https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/2577833/posts/2920975075

If you are new to this and wants to participate https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/2018/06/29/come-join-us-a-new-weekly-photo-challenge/

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  1. pattimoed says:

    I’m so glad you included these places from your travels. They are inspiring. We will travel again! I have never been to Sestri Levante. Another place to visit!


    1. yes! we will travel again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pattimoed says:

        Yes, yes, yes.


  2. Tina Schell says:

    Excellent response Gracy – great to have you with us. We too very much miss traveling unrestricted. Who could have guessed it would be impossible in our lifetimes?! Thanks for sharing your travel memories as each of us will have to enjoy our past experiences for some time to come I’m afraid.


    1. thanks Tina! we are all in the same boat and the boat will sail at the right time…


  3. Amy says:

    Great photos and stories for this theme, Gracy. Yes, we will travel again. 🙂


  4. JohnRH says:

    Great photos! Prosit!!


  5. Sylvia Bacon says:

    Enjoy looking at your photos!


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