Local Vistas – are your hidden gems next door: my entry to LAPC#203

What I like about joining photo challenges based on a theme is that it always gets me to reflect beyond its literal meaning. For this weeks LAPC#203 posted by Anne, it is about Local Vistas. As Amy puts it nicely on what this week’s challenge want us to explore:

“What are your local vistas? Where do you photograph when you don’t have a lot of time or are not on vacation? What about your hometown excites you?…”


If there is anything the pandemic taught us is to look within and enjoy the local vicinity. I for one, coming from the Philippines, enjoy being in Europe much because the quality of life is already good – that a simple stroll along forest parks scattered around the city like Munich, or along a clean river like Isar or a simple breakfast outside in your garden, or in the balcony, etc.etc. – can easily be enjoyed.

Please do not get me wrong. My beloved Philippines is a beautiful country with nice white beaches, rich with natural resources, and the Filipinos are the most warmed people I know, who sings a lot even or smiles a lot even when they have tons of problems. My gift of being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life is rooted to my being a Filipino. However, we are also poverty stricken and are nagged with environmental challenges like pollution especially in the cities. But this is not what this blog is about. This is about how I experience simple but good life in Munich – those that can be considered as life’s simple/little pleasures that do not cost a penny.

Kids and kids-at-heart can always enjoy being refreshed by this fountain in Karlsplatz Stachus during the summer period. This is one area in the City Center of Munich.
The same spot from the photo above but from a different view. It is simply lovely.
One local secret to enjoying Munich during the summer: target activity, sit with friends at the banks of Isar,
(1) first you guys need to buy a drink (beer or soft drinks, but this is Germany, so maybe beer is the more the appropriate choice – as long as you are of legal age to drink alcohol), (2) bring breze and obazda – buy all these at a local grocery so it is cheaper. (3) Don’t forget to bring your own picnic mat. (4) And lastly, enjoy! P.S. (5) if the water is already warm enough, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and have a dip. Dipping your feet is also possible. Either way, there are many ways to enjoy.
Enjoy the local beer garden! Beer gardens can be found all over the city or in any part of Germany. They are opening toward summer, late spring.
The best spot to see Marienplatz from a higher angle, away from the crowd is to sit in the sofas provided in Hugendubel Bookstore. Get a book (without buying it yet) and find a nice spot to sit. If you are just there for the view, pretend you are reading a book (giggles) or if you are there for both, read and enjoy the view at the same time.

You see, local vistas (for me) is also about enjoying what you already have. It is about exploring the things you may have disregarded because of close proximity – the so called “right under your nose” (in a positive context). It is also about discovering the hidden gems in a pretty mundane or ordinary scene. It is about seeing beauty beyond the ordinary and unlocking the content heart of a child – within us – that enjoying life does not mean only expensive or grandeous things but also in the simplest and purest form of things.

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Creative Fridays Entry#4: A glimpse of Wasserburg am Inn (late post)

A first glimpse of the town impresses immediately. Almost an island, practically surrounded by the river Inn with its steep cliffs, Wasserburg appears quite extraordinary. On entering the town, the visitor has the feeling of entering a fairy tale world. A town with pastel coloured walls, archways and battlements, a gateway and mighty fortress – who hasn´t  imagined and painted a town like this as a child?


I have always been fascinated with medieval cities. One of my favorite is Burghausen. This one adds to the list. Hence, I was happy that my family spent a weekend in this Town, for one to visit friends and enjoy the local spring festival and 2nd, to check the Town Center.

Without further a do, here are the photos I took during that one weekend in Wasserburg am Inn.

If you want to know more about this interesting and charming town, approximately 56km outside of Munich, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasserburg_am_Inn for more or go directly to the Town’s website https://www.wasserburg.de/en/sightseeing/impressions.

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Creative Fridays Entry#3: a photowalk down memory lane – from Munich’s Glockenback to Vitualienmarkt

In our pre-baby years, we used to live in the Glockenbachviertel (root word translation – “Glock” – bell, “Bach” – creek, “viertel” – quarter – so bell-creek quarter). It is located very close to the city center of Munich – where Marienplatz is only a walking distance. It is an area where the yuppies, hippies and LGBT community hangs out. It is known for its bars and restaurants closely situated next to each other. I usually describes it to friends visiting or new in the city as the Berlin of Munich but cleaner (not mean to offend Berlin – as it has also it’s own charm).

By chance, I was in the area because a friend celebrated her birthday wherein the bday-dinner became a spontaneous bar-hopping adventure. In short, I took the chance to make the bar-hopping also a photo-walk exercise and here are the shots I took.

“Hats off, hats on” – I have always been amazed about this very specialized store on hats. I guess it has found its niche market and is still thriving.
“Kat & Mae” – my friends posing while waiting for their cocktail orders at Fraubartels Bar (https://www.instagram.com/fraubartelsbar/). Although it is my first time to visit this place, I know this was already in the area 3-4 years ago (or more). What I specially like about this place is that the decos are very artsy and the bar looks really nice.
Still at Fraubartels Bar in Klenzestrasse – https://www.instagram.com/fraubartelsbar/. I played with the photo editing and applied an abstract kind of feel into it.
Cafe Pini!!!! I love this cozy cafe in Klenzestrasse. I specially like their spaghetti bolognese and sandwiches. It is a good place to either meet and catch up with friends or just enjoy the solitude & peace of your ME time. https://www.cafepini.de.
Klenze 42-A – this is our old address. It brings back a lot of good memories.
“Holy Home” – this is indeed the name of this cozy bar. It is situated right beside the Gaertnerplatztheater at the Reichenbachstrasse part. Aside from the drinks, this bar offers a lot of unique deco items which are definitely a delight to the artsy eyes. See more below…
still at Holy Home: once you go further inside, there are still some hidden sections you can squeeze yourself into – making it ideal for a more intimate conversations among friends and lovers.
still at Holy Home: who says an old phone cannot be used as a deco. This is definitely an art-candy.
still at Holy Home
last photo at Holy Home

The last top of our spontaneous bar-hopping/photo-walk is the Robinsons Kuhlmann Bar at Corneliusstrasse 14. https://robinsonkuhlmann.com

Entrance facade in Robinsons K. Bar
“shots! shots! shots! – everybody…” I was playing around with the photo using Snapseed to inject an abstract painting effect into it. I think I missed painting abstract. So this is just it for now.
On our way to Isartor, we passed by Paradiso Tanzbar (Dance Bar). Did you know that Freddy Mercury used to hangout in this bar when he was living in Munich. I can understand the people lining up outside in order to get in. As to this photo, I was also playing around with it in order to get that abstract painting feel.

So we had a walk from corner Ickstatstrasse – Klenzestrasse to Isartor and we passed through the infamous Vitualienmarkt (another favourite part of mine in Munich). It is a food market mostly from the local farmers. Products sold ranges from vegetables and fruits to gourmet delights like cheese, wine, salami & other cold cuts among many many others. It is right next to Marienplatz and has also restaurants and a beer garden to enjoy. It is said to have started since since 1807, except on Sundays and public holidays. Below is a gallery of photos taken during that.

Before this post gets really long, I hope I was able to bring you with me as I had this delightful tour around the City Center area of Munich, specifically from Glockenbach to Vitualienmarkt. And who knows, you might one day visit Munich and this is definitely the areas not to missed. And for those who share the same love with me for Munich, let me know which parts are your favourites and why?

So bye for now and see you or read you in my next creative adventure. Aufwiedersehen!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #200: Every Little Thing

Every week I get a notification for the LAPC about the weekly challenge. I have not participated for awhile because of motherhood and work but it has been a month now that I am getting into my creative side again. So for this week’s LAPC hosted by Amy, the theme is “every little thing” that makes you smile.

As I went through my photos and I also had recently a self-imposed photo walk, I discovered that I love this theme. It has always been part of me. I realized that seeing the beauty of every little thing, and being sparked with joy with those little things and the ability to be in that moment is indeed a gift. That kind of gift that is needed in life in order to persevere and triumph against its daily struggles.

So without further a do, here are my entries:

Taken during my self-imposed photo walk (see posts about it in my blog). Sometimes, one has to bend, and look up in order to see beauty beyond the ordinary. There is beauty in perspectives – as you go closer and explore a different angle.
This plant is just one of those growing along the road side. I would not think that is planted deliberately. But whether or not it is a grass, weed, or something growing wild, it is still simply beautiful.
These antique egg holders are charming. This is taken during a flea market in our neighbourhood. I love flea markets (Floh Markt – in German) because there are a lot of beautiful gems you can find.
“Simply Captivating” – this was taken inside Moulin Rouge in Paris. This was the trip that my husband and I got engaged. A lot of lovely memories seeing this photo again.
And lastly, my most favourite subject these days. My daughter, she was just born here, maybe only a day old.

Thanks again Amy for sharing this week’s LAPC challenge. I am happy I am doing this entry now. I am happy that I am able to squeeze one creative effort (between 5am and 6am) before going to Mom-hood and getting ready for work. I am happy I did this – it is indeed a good fuel to start my day. Let me end by wishing everyone a good start of the day!

Creative Fridays – entry #2: Low light Photo & an entry to my YT Channel on organizing

Last Friday, I posted about a photo-walk challenge that can happen every Friday. I have decided to just make this a personal challenge called “Creative Fridays”. If this kind of exercise tickles your creative bone, please feel free to participate and tag me in your post.

So going straight to this Friday’s creative entry: I was not able do today a photo-walk because it is my turn to stay at home while the husband go out for some “me-time”, so instead, inside our flat, overlooking the street, I managed to take this photo below.

It took a lot of tries to get this. Thanks to my tripod, that this made it possible to take – otherwise, everything is just blurred. This is taken using Canon EOS M100 mirrorless camera.

My next creative entry today is a video on how I set-up my A5 Saffiano Rose Gold Filofax Organizer. I totally forgot that in my college days, I like this kind of planning – old school, writing on paper-ring-binder-organizer, which is totally customizable and can be personalized based on your taste, preferences, and needs.

I really like the exercise of setting-up this organizer. The process gives me a sense of ownership and accomplishment and I love that I can personlize it. I also like that I can tailor fit the set-up according to my needs as a mom, wife, full-time worker, creative and spiritual person. And the fact that I can have it in one organizer – compared to having different notebooks for different purposes – is really a big WIN.

Plus the creative process in coming with contents is exciting for me. It feels like I am a journalist – which is what I studied in college but I never get to practice it for work. So I think if opportunities are not there for you, you make the opportunity for yourself. And I believe that the whole process of putting yourself into the open is a kind of bravery, making yourself vulnerable and open and the at the same time enriching. One just need to remember to post or create contents for yourself. If someone gives attention to it, then it is a bonus.

So these are my 2 creative entries and reflection for this Friday. I am doing this as a challenge to myself – to stick to my passion, no matter how life becomes hectic and challenging. Because for me, this is how I refuel my self to become the best mom, wife, worker, creative, spiritual being that I can be.

As Oprah puts it nicely “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

So let me end this post with that and goodbye for now! Wish you a great weekend and hope to hear or read from you soon. Take care!

OF WATER DROPLETS AND REFLECTIONS: my first entry to my-own-but-open-to-public-photo-challenge – the “Photo-walk Fridays” – because why not?!

One Friday afternoon, I am inspired to take an early off from work, took my camera and went on a photo-walk around my neighbourhood. It has been awhile since I created an entry in my blog. Motherhood and a full-time job has kept me from being creative. For awhile, I have been just feeling exhausted and the greatest challenge is really on how to stay energised and motivated because when I am, I can do so much.

So like what I said in the title of this post above, this is my first entry to my-own-but-open-to-public-photo-challenge – the “Photo-walk Fridays“. Because, yes, why not!?! One can be bold and audacious and brave in life – because as what they say – we only live once and that we gotta do whatever makes up happy and this is my way of doing that.

So how does it work:

  1. On a Friday, go on a walk where ever your are and take a shot on anything that captures your eyes. You are free to use any camera you have – a camera phone or a professional one.
  2. You may or may not edit your photos.
  3. Write a blog post about this challenge and tag me and put a link of this post on your post. You can showcase as many photos as you like.
  4. You are free to nominate someone to participate this challenge if you like.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

With that, I hope to see you join me in this challenge. Let us keep on tapping on our creativity. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

And as to my entry finally, here they are……

“Concrete jungle reflection” The rain helped me on this photo-walk session. There were water all over that allowed me to took photos like above.
“The truth can be in the water – you just have to look deep into it.” – another reflection brought about by the rainwater remnants.
“Water delight” – my daughter would definitely love playing and jumping around in the water if she was around. “Mamas get your toddler’s “matschhose” (mad pants in German) ready!”
“Mensch (Men), ride all you want but safety first” – Rentable electronic e-scooters are scattered around the City and this is just one of them.
“Udlot” – this means leaflet in my dialect Bisaya (Philippines). I love taking subjects like this. There is just something about it that evokes freshness, newness, and hope. What do you think?
“There is beauty amidst the ugly and uneeded” – I do not know the name of this plant but shooting flowers will never fail you. I am not sure if this is one of those wild plants aka weeds that grew along the roadside. But it does not matter because she is pretty.

“The view from down below” – It took a different perspective to get this shot. I did enjoy taking this photo. Photo-walk sessions allows you really to do “trial and error” from various angles. It also a good practice for one to be patient and to think outside the box – to look and explore from beyond the normal point.

I think these are all my entries for now. Hope you guys enjoy it. And wish to see you join me on this creative journey through this challenge.

Lastly, I did explore the topic “photo Friday challenge” in the great-open-wide-space called “the internet” and below are my wonder-finds. Do check them out:

Artsy-Foxy-MamaG is in Youtube!

In the spirit of trying something new and also to keep on tapping on my creative self – as a way to constantly energized and inspire myself – so I can be the best mom-woman-wife-daughter-friend-etc. I can be –> I finally gave in to vlogging. Yes! that kind of blogging but on video.

As part of my creative outlet, my Youtube Channel caters more to my motherhood aspect. At the same time, I want it to be an avenue where I can improve my public speaking skills (of some sort) and also to improve more on my story-telling skill.

As part of my branding, I envisioned myself (or maybe more of ) I aim to create content in my YT Channel that are:

  1. anything about working moms – maybe some inspirational stories by other working moms
  2. anything about empowered women – and how we can learn and be inspired from their stories
  3. anything about my growing love for luxury bags
  4. maybe some of my interests in art and photography but I see this more in my instagram account and in here.

If you like my promise above, on what my content will be, please do check it out and do not forget to click that subscribe button.


For now, I have uploaded 3 videos, namely:

I made a review of the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 from my perspective as a mom.

Second, another mom-bag review on the Coach Lillie Carryall Bag

and lastly, about a good Diaper Bag Companion – the Tory Burch Miller Crossbody Wallet.

Please do check it out and if you like how my YT Channel to be – please do not forget to click that subscribe button.

2020 is an ultimate high, not!

I am able to finally squeezed in painting while my baby is napping. It has been a long time since the last time I did paint. Inspired by today’s very exciting moment that we are in (hope you get it that I am sarcastically saying this), I came up with this:

“Ultimate High”
hand painted, acrylic in canvas, 50 x 60


Hope you like it. Let me know 😉. Thank you and stay healthy everyone!

“A Photo Walk” to remember – Lens-Artists-Photo-Challenge #117

This week’s LAPC takes me to actually do the actual task (because before I just checked my photos and see if something will pass for the said challenge). I’m glad though because it encouraged me to have a walk around the Hood. Since it is Sunday, I brought the whole family with me. While my husband Jay is pushing the baby pram, I snapped with my iPhone (since I forgot my camera at home and I did almost forget about this task) the following photos:

“Der Felix ist da!” (Felix is here, in English) This is a tradition in Southern Germany (and I have seen this also in Switzerland) that everytime a new baby is born, they hang something like this in the photo outside the house of the newly born kid. We did not do this though when my daughter was born in April this year. We are a pretty rebellious non confirmist pair. Shhhh!
The morning mist has left its mark in these beautiful flowers, the things you can only witness during early morning walks, when the Sun’s rays are not yet so intense. Taken in Fürstenried neighborhood in Munich.
What a lovely and refreshing sight!
Such a tall building not to notice, no wonder it is called a Hochhaus (hoch is high in German). And I still need to figure out, and maybe ask the locals why it is called “Sparkassenhochhaus” (sparkasse meaning savings bank in German). Hmmmm,…
This is where the Citizens or residents meet, organized by the City. They offer a lot of acitivities like meet-ups for kids, mothers, etc. I will try one of their offerings one of these days. You may see a lot of meeting places like this all over the cities and towns in Germany.
Remnants of the Easter Egg Hunting? Looks like! As it is already Autumn in Germany, the leaves are turning orangy and yellow – really a magical scene to witness!
Who would not miss this humungous view of the Kare Building. These “twin towers” is our compass going back home as we just live nearby. Kare is a furniture store mostly offering one of a kind and colorful designed home items. There is a nice cafe/resto at the 4th floor (if I remember it correctly) with a big wonderful terrace where you can see (on clear skies) the Frauenkirche and the Alps.
This colorfully-designed bike was park outside of Kare and me and my husband were wondering if this is part of marketing, just art or that someone stole the seat of this bike. Hahah! You decide!

It was indeed a nice and productive walk and I am glad that I took part in this challenge hosted by Amy If you are new to this and wants to participate, check out this link .

So goodbye for now and have a great Sunday and new week ahead!

Lens-Artists-Photo-Challenge #116 on Symmetry but I would call this post: Symmetrically Beautiful

Capturing “Symmetry” in your photos is a conscious effort for a photographer, especially for a hobbyist like me. Thanks to Pati for this challenge that I come to realize as I checked my photos that I have not been really conscious about “symmetry” at all. Haha! I have so many should-have-been-the-one photos for this challenge but it was not captured fully or symmetrically. Gottseidank I still have some that can qualify and here they are…

As you go up the Planetarium in Deutsches Museum in Munich, you will notice this staircase spiraling down/up. It was one sunny afternoon and I was fascinated by this so I took a shot. To be honest, I do not know that this could be an example of a radial symmetry. Thanks to Patti again for the education.
You will see these buildings around Munich Lehel – this kind was very famous during the Founding Time or Gründerzeit in German – which happened at the end of the 19th century wherein there was a rapid industrial expansion.
The windows in this Church in Munich shows so many horizontal symmetry.

I see symmetry all over in old but magical cities in Europe like Paris

So that’s it for my participation on this week’s LAPC#116. If you are new to this and wants to participate https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/2018/06/29/come-join-us-a-new-weekly-photo-challenge/

Ciao and keep safe everyone!