in between naps and supervised plays…

It has been a long while since I posted something here. Motherhood has taken over my time and energy this past year and now I am thirsty for making art. As as a jumpstart into artdom, in between my kid’s nap and independent supervised playtime, I get to edit these photos (double exposure, thanks to snapseed) which pretty represents my life at the moment.

Motherhood is a mixture of all emotions – joyful yet tiring, rewarding yet patient-evoking and so many others. But all in all happy. It is amazing to see your own kin grow everyday or every other day or so. This Netflix Docu titled “Baby” said babies do not grow everyday but instead they have growth spurt here and there.

So that’s it for now. I have been also really thirsty to go back to participating the Lens-Artist-Photo-Challenge and guess what, this post actually is very timely for the #62 challenge – Silhouettes. So this is my entry to that….although late challenge already but anything to jump start back into art is good.

and finally, that’s it because my baby is crying now. Mamahood is calling…

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